Testimonials and Endorsements Alisa Klein

Jeff Rosen, Campaign Chair, Ward 7 Resident:

“I’ve known Alisa as a friend, a neighbor and a professional for many years, and I’m always impressed with her passion on issues and her compassion for others. I know that she is the best person to advance the needs of Ward 7 and the City of Northampton.”

Bill Dwight, Northampton City Council President and Councilor at Large:

“Alisa is the epitome of an engaged, caring citizen. She has a clear view of context. She understands that many of the issues that affect us here in Northampton are influenced by policies and attitudes beyond the Pioneer Valley.  I am grateful that she is willing to step up and offer that broad perspective to the voters of Ward 7.”

Jesse Adams, Northampton City Council Vice President and Councilor at Large

“Alisa Klein understands the complexities of local government. She will be a forward-thinking voice on the council. She will diligently perform constituent services. She will fight for social justice and will be a positive force who will not point fingers but instead work with all stakeholders to solve problems. Alisa is the best choice for Ward Seven.”

Maureen Carney, Northampton City Councilor, Ward 1

“I am honored to endorse Alisa Klein as a candidate for City Councilor for Ward 7. She will bring to the Northampton City Council her skills as a successful business owner and strong policy analyst, her commitment to the neighborhoods of Ward 7, and her ability to work well with people. Alisa will listen to all of the residents of Ward 7 and represent their needs diligently in City Council. She will fight for smart budgeting and to ensure that her neighbors in Leeds and Florence can stay in their homes and continue to make Ward 7 a flourishing part of Northampton.”

Marianne LaBarge, Northampton City Councilor, Ward 6

“As a City Councilor I supported Alisa Klein for her first term. Now that she is running for a second term in Ward 7 I fully support her as a candidate for reelection. Alisa has proven herself to be committed to all Ward 7 Residents and to the City of Northampton. She supports her residents and is willing to listen to everyone. Alisa does care about the impact of the cost of living across Northampton’s diverse population. Alisa firmly believes in Transparency, Open Government and public engagement through Best Practices. I have found her to be a team player and someone I enjoy working with. She does her research and she will work hard when reelected as Ward 7 City Councilor.”

Pamela  Schwartz, Former Northampton City Councilor

“Alisa will be a great asset on the Northampton city council. She is incisive and analytical, and her years of policy work and the expertise she has developed bringing people together to work on issues will serve her well in getting to the heart of matters on the city council. She will represent Ward 7 residents with great integrity and commitment.”

George Kohout (former President, Leeds Civic Association) and Debra Orgera

“We have witnessed Alisa’s energy and commitment to both big and small projects and admire her grasp of issues that affect our community.We’re sure that her discussions and decisions as a member of the city council would benefit not only Ward 7 but also the city as a whole and the larger region.”

Lilly Lombard

“Alisa Klein is an amazing problem solver and environmental steward! She asks the right questions and investigates issues deeply. Her smarts and people skills will help caring citizens and city staff collaborate to advance a truly ‘sustainable’ Northampton. I especially look forward to having her keen judgment engaged in the responsible development of the Florence Fields Recreational Area.”

Linda Butler

“I am grateful that my neighbor Alisa Klein has stepped up and offered to serve the people of Ward 7—and the entire city of Northampton—as a member of our City Council. She will bring to that role the qualities that an effective city councilor must have: the intelligence to analyze complex issues, the willingness to listen and learn, and the skills needed to bring together people with diverse points of view and tackle tough problems in our community.”

Bess Detmold, Ward 7 Resident

“Years ago, I became interested in local politics because I believed, and continue to believe, that good schools are so important to a community. We need City Councilors who understand and support the huge task of our School Committee and schools to provide the education that our children need to take their places in our changing world. Alisa—who worked her way through college—will bring that critical understanding and support to the City Council—and lots more!”

Lore Detenber, Ward 7 Resident

“I can wholeheartedly support my longtime friend and former neighbor, Alisa Klein in serving as my Ward 7 Councilor. Alisa is hard-working, intelligent and fully engaged in our community. She is gifted in bringing people together. She is thoughtful, inquisitive and a great listener. She has a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing Northampton and beyond and is dedicated to making fully-informed decisions. I am grateful that she has agreed to step up and serve our community in this way.”

Ruth Ever, Ward 7 Resident

“What I admire most about Alisa is her combination of kindness, compassion, intelligence, political savvy and commitment. I know that she will work hard to listen to and hear all the voices of Ward 7 and represent us well on City Council. I am particularly excited to have someone who understands the complexity and importance of a good education system in Northampton as vital not just to our children, but to the health of our city.”